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"Something is wrong with this museum" is a story-led platformer made for Ludum Dare Jam 36.

Explore the many rooms of the museum, broaden your cultural horizons, and try not to die.
TRY TO COLLECT all of the hidden historical artefacts
BE MILDLY DISAPPOINTED by the badly-drawn unfinished cutscenes
PLEASE TRY TO AVOID getting your blood on the paintings

WASD/ arrow keys/ space to interact and operate menus.
The full game takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

Outrun Future by Press Gang Studios
VCR OSD Mono by by Riciery Leal
Local Forecast – Elevator Version by Kevin Macleod/Incompetech)
Joni Lev: programming, sound, animation, level design, insomniac rambling, attempting to veto Jack's more niche ideas (the difficult bits)
Jack Lint: art and some words (the easy bits)


Something is Wrong with this Museum.exe 14 MB

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