Made for LD46 - Theme: Keep it alive.

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Made in around 8 hours on a nice sunny Saturday :)

This is a short (~1 minute) piece of interactive fiction.

Hope you enjoy, leave a comment if you have any thoughts.

If you're unsure what to do, just have to type your answers ;)

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hated every second of it i cant stand this 

What do you hate?

Oh wait, babies and stupid questions (not offense)


was the game supposed to crash at the portal question


Mine crashed as well :/




i think its apart of the game. because of the last search


my game crashed to



woah demons



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haha lol can i put my phone 

in portal-takes out:OH FU-

Was a great way of story telling! The simple game really allowed for the story to be the important and main focus of the experience and it was pretty well done with a little amount of choices to see the different lines!

This is fine.

waht hopean te boby


perhaps make it auto? like have the option to press 1 or 2.

kinda funny


Interesting game, wish I could hold down a key instead of keyboard mashing.

thought this was fun :)




black screen jumpscare

woah, pretty 驴weird?


im confused

I think it's about baby acting weird/demon baby (?)


the im felling lucky scared me 

same lmao

yes! xDD


This game is really creative well done

i had a mini shock at the end



i am an ebil baby ov c h e e s e realm


i litteraly had to blow all of my money on an exorcist because my baby started glowing red and floating babies days ya know what i mean

n**** wait he aint black a black person and white people im just saying black people would immediately notice that the baby is possesed by satan and lored you into the hell

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Really INTERESTING - enjoyed it a lot


bro it's legit the babay from The Incredibles

i never thought of it like that

lol i thought that to


damn das crazy


bro my baby does the same thing and i recently had to hire and exorcist idk whats up with babies these days

it is a DEMON CHILD literally

That was... strange. 8-)


This is weird, creepy, but I like it~ Anyway, since you don't use a background music, so I decided to add one to make it more dramatic haha

this game is yes :0

im cackling i love this


I don't... know... what just happened...

I don't know if I'm scared, entertained, concerned, interested or simply all of them. Probably all of them...

I had a lot of fun playing the game haha! I like this concept of a google search engine game with incredibly weird and concerning questions! Great job on this one! Very cool!


i like it !! the idea of google page is soooo cool


very cool game, I love the way you have made this, good job!


Ok then


hey guys, I also need help with getting my baby off my ceiling. he's chanting some gibberish.


Me, parenting



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