A downloadable game for Windows

Discover a small, intimate story on a remote desert island.


A controller is recommended but not required.

Using a controller:

Left Stick - Move

Right Stick - Camera

A button - Interact

Using a keyboard:

W,A,S,D keys - Move

J,L keys - Camera

K key - Interact


Joni Lev - @ants_en_hats

Fynn Levy - @fakefrogsonly

Footsteps SFX by Dymewiz

Ocean SFX by LoungeV Creative Studio

Skybox by KIIRA

Made for Ludum Dare 38.


YouJustDontGetIt.zip 20 MB


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Not really a game. :/ You just walk around find things, place them by a rock and wait (if you have the patience) for a line of test to appear.


Guess you just didn't get it. :3